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Concept for the Construction of a Production Facility with Office Section for Achilles Polska Sp. z o.o.

Due to the need to organize the production line in a way that allows for its modification at any time during the operation of the plant without the need for major construction work, the production hall along with the office section has been planned as a unified, single-naved structure consisting of prefabricated elements with a span of 3000cm and a spacing of 500cm. The supporting columns are designed as prefabricated reinforced concrete anchored to the foundation footings. Prefabricated reinforced concrete beams (prestressed concrete) providing a span of 3000cm (without intermediate supports) will be placed on the columns. The floor is planned as a reinforced concrete slab allowing for the free placement of equipment, each weighing between 1-6 tons. The office part (two modules of the hall) is a two-story space where the ground floor walls will have a load-bearing character and support a filigree-type ceiling. The mezzanine in the production area is planned as a modular structure, fitting into the axes of the main building structure, occupying an area of 500x1500cm and allowing for its quick dismantling if necessary.

The single-nave hall in the production part allows for organizing the space as a three-aisle, asymmetrical layout with warehouses, painting, and part of the foiling located to the north. The central, narrowest aisle is occupied by communication, while the southern aisle comprises the remaining parts of the production line. The arrangement of individual devices, partition walls, and fences, as well as heights, are adapted to the requirements of their operation. Skylights in the production part of the hall will be complemented by roof skylights, improving workplace lighting, proper distribution, and penetration of natural light.

The entire building will be finished with layered aluminum or steel sheets coated with paints, and the glazing will consist of windows in an aluminum system. The layout of the building and maneuvering spaces allows for two expansion options depending on the need for new volume. Expansion to the west (extension of the hall section by adding additional spans) is possible, resulting in an additional built-up area of ​​468m2. Alternatively, expansion to the south allows an increase in the built-up area by 2215m2. The cumulative, maximum scope of expansion, considering both options, allows for obtaining 3151m2 of additional built-up area.

Design : 2011;

Status: Concept;

Usable surface: approx. 2 970m2;

Location: Cedry Wielkie, Poland;

Designed by: Andrzej Niegrzybowski