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Apartment like a snail house

Main guideline for the project was to create a comfortable, spacious nest for two with clearly defined zones and reduced number of freestanding furniture.
Apartment was divided into three zones in this way that they can function seperately as well as an open, one space. Therefore depending on needs each zone: day, work and night (private) can be joined or separate. Sliding walls are like curtains which – situated in right position – will draw back next room hiding niche at the same time or will allow to watch tv dividing the living room from the rest of the apartement. Following sliding wall draws back kitchen while camouflages the bedroom entrance or the other way round.
Additionally sequential zones are planned perpendicular to each other which means that the following space is not visible immediately, they appear along with the journey through the apartment. Layout of consecutive rooms reminds of the construction of snail shell. Most privat and intimate rooms like owners bathroom integrated with bedroom are deeply hidden, they are also distant the most from the entrance. It provides users of comfort and sound barrier.
Kitchen with studio is located in the center, heart of the apartment, between private and day (living room) zones. It constitutes at the same time link and buffer. It is also best sunlited room in the apartment which allowes to work in comfortable conditions. Long table made down to size is multipurpose and can be used as a working place or part of kitchen. Material used to construct the table makes the element growing out of the dark, wooden floor. Chest hidden under the table is used as an additional boxroom or extra sitting place.
Along with changing of the interior nature, moving to the heart of the apartment, dominance of bright colors with white at the front, breaks the color of dyed, waterproof plywood and black oak. Deeper and more privat it gets, more dark and black – including suspended ceiling – colors come. However in the living room definitely predominates whiteness enriched with bleached oak.

Project: 2009-2010;

Execution: 2010-2012;

Apartment surface: 74m2;

Location: Gdynia Redłowo, Poland;

Author: Andrzej Niegrzybowski;