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The aim of this project was to create a concept of repeated commercial stands, free-standing, functioning within a shopping mall. Ultimately, there will be several different locations, hence, it was important for the form and color to be as neutral as possible while providing a suitable background for the products sold.

Due to the repeatability and the ability to use surfaces of different dimensions, the natural decision was to adopt a module, which the stands may consist of. The modules are available in several variants based on the size of the 70x70cm projection. They can be combined and arranged freely. The off-white harmonizes with natural oak veneer parts of the modules. The combination of these two colours creates a composition suitable for rhythmically spaced bottles and vials with a minimalist design.

The furniture form was limited to a minimum in order to maximize the exposition of the product. In order to present it better, the module tops obtained a stepped form resembling a shape of a wave or a zigzag. An alternating angle allows the customer to have a visual contact with the product and its description. The slope makes it easier to stack the components and their possible presentation by an employee of the stand.

Presented photographs show a stand sized 3×6 modules, located in the Riviera shopping centre in Gdynia.

Name: Freestanding counter design for “BeClinic”

Location: Riviera Shopping Center, Gdynia, Poland;

Project and its completion: 2016;

Surface area: 3x6modules (1 module = 0,70×0,70m), 4,20×2,10m, 8,82m2;

Author: Andrzej Niegrzybowski

Photographs: Maciej Szajewski