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charme loves You

Interior design of a luxury women’s clothing shop “Charme Loves You”.

The architect wanted to redesign and arrange the space of a retail outlet by employing characteristic features of another establishment owned by the same investor, twin Charme store.

Due to the fact that the store sells a variety of brands, a neutral bright beige was chosen as a background colour, just like in the Charme twin shop. A matte paint was used to give the colour a noble look. In addition, the background colour composition was diversified with a natural colour oak veneer, unitary tiles in a beige colour, along with grey and steel features.

Because of the different client target, in comparison to the twin Charme shop the design is still governed by a minimalistic approach but with the symbolic addition of classic shapes and details. Project is characterized by a great attention to detail and the economy of the form, just like its “Charme” archetype. Decorative lamps hanging above the counter and in the corner with thread, together with the ornamental ceiling plafond complete the design, adding a kind of industrial, maritime and eclectic flavour at the same time.

Location: “Klif” Shopping Center, Gdynia Orłowo, Poland;

Project and its completion: 2016;

Surface area: 73m2;

Designed by: Andrzej Niegrzybowski,

Fotos: Maciej Szajewski