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City villa interior

The interior design, much like the exterior of the house, draws inspiration from the modernist heritage of Gdynia and the leisurely character of the Orłowo district. Directly or indirectly referencing the five principles of “modern architecture according to Le Corbusier”, such as the flat roof utilized as a viewing terrace, an open plan covered with ceilings of considerable span, extensive, large windows indirectly alluding to the principle of a “free facade”, ribbon windows, and partial elevation of the structure above ground level, enables an arrangement devoid of unnecessary partition walls. It also allows for panoramic views of the surroundings, including the Gdańsk Bay. White dominates not only on the outside but also inside, facilitating the distribution of natural daylight entering through extensive glazing as well as a large roof window located above the living area. This solution ensures sunlight at any time of the day.

Large open spaces enable the exposure of extensive relaxation areas, sofas providing views both outside and the opportunity to observe the flames of a decorative fireplace or enjoy art or TV. Large wall surfaces are perfectly suited for displaying large-scale abstract paintings, bringing vibrancy and serving as color accents in the interiors.

Project: 2017-2018;

Status: Concept;

Usable area: approx. 455m2;

Location: Gdynia, Poland;

Author: Andrzej Niegrzybowski