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The project involves the reconstruction and adaptation of two buildings constituting the old rural farmstead in the picturesque landscape of Kaszuby. The existing, approximately 30-year-old house will be renovated into a comfortable living space for two people with a host of pets. The barn, on the other hand, will be adapted for use as a summer kitchen, pantry, and garage for the winter period.

Key design guidelines included the location in the heart of Kaszuby, an impressive view of the nearby valley with southern exposure, as well as the picturesque location making the entire complex an integral part of the landscape. Also significant was the characteristic microclimate and the flow of air masses, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. Additionally, in the design process, the cultural context was important, disturbed unfortunately by the neighboring, contemporary, typical cataloged development. Therefore, it was essential to preserve the character of the buildings, within their valuable ranges, while simultaneously restoring or giving this character where it is lacking or not clear due to misguided previous modifications.

The reconstruction of the barn was limited to its tidying up, repairing damaged parts of the facade, reinforcing the structure, and adapting it to new functions, mainly through the installation of a new floor and restoration of masonry elements. A significant component of the barn and the entire complex became the newly designed, spacious terrace, guaranteeing both southern exposure and sunlight throughout the day, as well as impressive views of the hilly surroundings and the nearby valley.

More substantial changes concerned the residential house, whose ground floor did not provide adequate sunlight to the elevated ground floor, its plan and functional scheme were incorrect, not offering a clear division of space and adequate living areas relative to the size of the house. The attic was an unused floor, requiring a new arrangement. Due to budget constraints and structural complications, the interior renovation concept had to take into account limited possibilities for intervention in the structural systems.

In addition to significant changes inside the residential house, the external form will undergo minor changes, the most significant of which include enlarging existing window openings and adding new ones, through which the interior will have visual contact with the inner courtyard as well as scenic views of the surrounding landscape, including the valley. The entrance area will also be corrected, including the stairs, which were previously too steep and with too small and uncomfortable landing.

The overall changes also include organizing and defining functional zones in the inner courtyard of the farmstead and its immediate surroundings with a garden, orchard, vegetable patch, laundry drying area, space for an icebox, as well as determining the boundaries and location of fencing, etc.

Project: 2020-2023;

Status: In progress;

Total area: approx. 160+250m2;

Location: Kaszuby, Poland;

Interior design to be found here.