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Twin Houses Complex on the Slope

On an unusual but picturesque plot with a significant slope and a panoramic view of Kaszuby, the Investor initially planned row housing. Following an analysis of the site’s exposure values and the views it offers, the row housing was replaced by a concept of a complex of semi-detached single-family homes, utilizing the significant slope of the terrain as well as the parcels resulting from the subdivision.

The concept envisages the creation of repetitive structures consisting of 3 stories with shifted floor plans, forming covered spaces to shelter the living areas and allowing for an accentuation of architectural forms and functional divisions. The broken into 3 parts volume harmonizes with the rugged, terraced terrain, previously functioning as a quarry.

The lowest level, a basement with the main entrance, color, and texture of the finishing material is designed to blend with the ground, reminiscent of the stone previously extracted in the quarry. The shade is meant to correlate with the color of individual grains or stones, hence the differentiation of individual segments. Thus, despite their repetitiveness, the bases of the houses differ from each other, creating a cohesive color composition.

The ground floor, constructed with pigmented architectural concrete, serves as a white, neutral frame for views of the Kaszuby panorama on one side and the garden on the other. The project’s intention was to frame the spectacular view, accessible both from inside, the living room, and kitchenette, and from the garden. This design feature allows for visual contact from any point of the ground floor with the garden included. The setback of the ground floor relative to the base ensures privacy for those using the living areas. A perspective shortcut prevents passersby on the access road from having a view inside, but those inside have visual contact with both the garden and the views stretching from the eastern side of the house.

The upper floor, aligned with the frame of the ground floor, resembles a truncated volume akin to an archetypal barn, finished with wood. It is intended to evoke associations with the silhouette of the nearby forest wall, dominated by coniferous trees. Both in form and color, it is meant to blend with the landscape rather than contrast with it. The ridge orientation angled relative to the main axis of the segment aims to dynamize the form and give the entire complex of houses a unique, intriguing rhythm reminiscent of tree peaks leaning in the wind.

Project: 2022-2023;

Status: under construction;

Segment area: approx. 210m2;

Location: Łapino, Kaszuby, Poland;

Author: architect Andrzej Niegrzybowski.