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small unit

Architectural concept envisioned the creation of a repeatable segment for a complex of row and twin housing. The designed segment’s form is a compact structure resembling a “modern barn.” To avoid monotony in the urban layout of many buildings, of which the designed segment is one element, the ridge line was positioned at a 75-degree angle relative to the side wall, i.e., not parallel to the front and back of the house. This provides the entire complex with a diverse yet cohesive character and a facade appearance. The front, back, and roof will be made of a homogeneous, uniform, and the same ceramic material. In contrast, the side wall and any recesses, niches, will be finished with a contrasting material, namely wood.

The above approach is intended to evoke associations with a dish formed into a longitudinal shape with filling, sliced into pieces, segments. The houses seek to fit into the context in such a way as to, on the one hand, maximize the possibilities and values of the plots, aligning themselves parallel to the boundaries, and on the other hand, be a component of the street front along with the planned, successive segments of development. The archetypal form is intended to reference the building tradition of this part of Kaszuby. The choice of material, i.e., ceramics, is meant to evoke the surrounding houses, with a similarly chosen color palette.

The house is covered with a symmetrical, gable roof with a pitch of 35 degrees according to the established planning regulations.

Design : 2023;

Status: Waiting for building permission;

Usable surface: approx. 105m2;

Location: Łapino, Poland;

Designed by: Andrzej Niegrzybowski