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Small weekend house remodeling

The task that the project was intended to address involved the renovation of the interior of a small, old weekend cottage with modest dimensions. The renovation also extended to the exterior, with the condition that its character should be preserved, harmonizing with the existing timber-framed farm building within the yard. It was essential for the form and color scheme to closely resemble the original, historical appearance, which had become obscured due to numerous renovations.

The project, in a modern and contemporary form, draws inspiration from traditional Kashubian shapes, relying on natural colors and materials to create a comfortable and impressive daytime space with a double-sided fireplace and an opening extending to the slopes of the roof.

The interior is designed to open up more to the external surroundings and the lush greenery of the garden enveloping the house. This connection is achieved through new exits and a terrace suspended over a small pond nestled against the southern, gabled wall of the house.

New glass elements are intended to bring more light inside while ensuring privacy. This is achieved through large windows in the gable walls, within the roof structure, and slightly smaller ones providing an exit to the garden at ground level.

The color scheme is composed of a palette of pastel, natural shades of clay plaster, the natural color of wood, and complemented by the subdued gray of wall coverings.

Project: 2023;

Status: conceptual project;

Total usable area: approx. 90m²;

Location: Kashubia, Poland.